Our Solutions & Focus Area

Comprehensive solutions and support offered across various domains such as networking, security, IoT solutions, automation, and communication, tailored to optimize operational efficiency and address specific client needs. Services encompass consulting, implementation, maintenance, and support to ensure seamless integration and reliable performance in diverse environments.


Facilitating seamless communication and data exchange between devices and systems to enhance connectivity and operational efficiency.

Security Systems

Deploying advanced technologies and strategies to safeguard assets, individuals, and information against threats and breaches.

Technology Solutions

Providing integrated technologies and platforms to connect and manage Internet of Things devices for improved automation and data insights.

Building Management System

Centrally monitors and controls building services like HVAC, lighting, and security, optimizing energy efficiency and operational performance for commercial and residential buildings.

AV and Boardroom Solution

AV (Audio-Visual) and Boardroom Solutions integrate advanced technology for seamless audio, video, and presentation capabilities in corporate settings, enhancing communication and productivity during meetings and presentations.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting utilizes sensors and automation for energy-efficient and customizable control of brightness, color, and usage, enhancing comfort and sustainability in homes and workplaces.

Instruments and Automation

Precision engineering solutions integrating advanced instrumentation with automated control systems for enhanced efficiency and reliability in industrial applications

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Networking Solution

Qubic Technology offers comprehensive connectivity services that help clients maximize the value of their existing network infrastructure. By identifying risks and opportunities, analyzing network strategies, and recommending tailored network services, we ensure optimal performance. Our proactive monitoring and capacity planning techniques further reduce operational expenses while enhancing productivity.

Recognizing that each organization has unique requirements, operations, and security challenges, we address a wide range of security concerns faced daily. Our team evaluates your security needs, designs solutions that align with your goals and budget, and implements comprehensive security measures. These solutions protect endpoints, communication systems, gateways, mail servers, and office premises, enabling a secure and efficient working environment.

Our Networking Solution Steps:

Advanced Cabling Infrastructure

Implement robust cabling solutions to ensure reliable network connectivity. Description: Our advanced cabling infrastructure guarantees seamless data transmission and dependable network performance.

Traffic Management Solutions

Efficiently handle and distribute network traffic across your infrastructure. Description: Improve network efficiency with our customized traffic management solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Optimized Routing Strategies

Design optimal routing paths to enhance data transmission efficiency. Description: Our optimized routing strategies streamline network operations, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity.

Integrated Network Security

Ensure robust network security with our integrated solutions, safeguarding against diverse cyber threats while maintaining data integrity. Our tailored approach includes advanced security measures to meet specific needs, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

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Security Systems

Physical Security Solution

Qubic Technology offers cutting-edge security solutions designed to safeguard buildings, perimeters, personnel, critical infrastructure, and vital assets. Our expertise in executing projects under demanding and mission-critical conditions spans various sectors, including factories, utility facilities, corporate offices, airports, defense, retail, residential, and educational campuses. Our integrated physical security solutions optimize manpower usage, reduce costs, enhance safety, and improve situational awareness.

We recognize the necessity of comprehensive security management. Our network-based physical security solutions can be deployed at a single site, across a campus, throughout an organization, or on a national scale, depending on client requirements. We support our solutions with full lifecycle services, from design and construction to installation and maintenance. Our experienced professionals focus on every project aspect to ensure optimal efficiency and superior results, integrating best practices to balance security protection, performance, administration, and cost effectively.

Our Features

Security Monitoring Solutions

Utilize advanced technologies for monitoring and recording activities comprehensively. Efficiently manage and control access to secure areas with integrated solutions.

Security Threat Detection Systems

Implement proactive measures to detect and respond to unauthorized access attempts. Deploy various barriers, turnstiles, scanners, and management systems for enhanced safety and access control.

Advanced Security Solutions

Employ cutting-edge technologies for video and audio monitoring, ensuring comprehensive surveillance capabilities. Implement sophisticated access management systems to efficiently regulate and secure entry points across facilities.

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Technology Solutions

Smart Connected Solution

Our smart connected solution portfolio includes system integration, sensors, gateways, cloud solutions, connectivity, user experience, and analytics. By incorporating the best components in the industry, we ensure seamless and efficient operations that meet the highest standards.

Qubic Technology takes responsibility for the entire process, providing a single point of accountability. We offer comprehensive, end-to-end services across various sectors, ensuring our solutions are robust, reliable, and tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. Our holistic approach guarantees that every aspect of the solution works harmoniously to deliver optimal performance and user satisfaction.



Our Features

Smart Connected City

Transform urban environments with interconnected systems for efficient management and enhanced quality of life.

Smart Electrical Utilities

Enhancing efficiency and reliability in electrical distribution systems.

Smart Water Utilities

Implement advanced technologies for efficient water management and conservation in urban settings.

Smart Connected Education & Learning

Enhance educational experiences through integrated technology solutions that foster innovation and collaboration.

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Building Management

Building Management System

Building Management Systems (BMS) typically involve centrally monitoring critical infrastructure by tracking, managing, and reporting on electro-mechanical and HVAC systems within large buildings. They ensure efficient operations and security, reducing energy, commissioning, and maintenance costs while enhancing convenience for building occupants.

Qubic Technology offers comprehensive Building and Energy Management systems for various sectors including Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Industrial, and Government Institutions. Partnering with leading BMS brands featuring open architecture, we provide design, implementation, and support for Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) solutions. Our services include integrating security solutions such as CCTV, Access Control, Access-based Lift Systems, Metal Detectors, Communication Systems, Networking, Intercom, Fire Alarm, PA System, and Wi-Fi Systems.

Core Services

System Integration

Integrating mechanical, electrical, IT, and security systems into a unified network.

Energy Management

Monitoring, targeting, and optimizing energy consumption to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

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Smart Lighting

Intelligent Lighting Automation

Intelligent Lighting Automation encompasses the precise management of lighting levels to enhance ambiance, highlight architectural features, illuminate artwork, and influence activities. Optimized systems not only achieve significant energy savings but also ensure optimal comfort and productivity by integrating daylight control based on Human Centric Lighting (HCL) principles. This integration enhances concentration levels, thereby boosting workplace efficiency and overall performance.

Our solutions leverage standardized communication protocols such as DALI, BACnet, KNX, or DMX for comprehensive light management. Integrated within broader building automation systems, our KNX-based solutions offer tailored lighting solutions for industrial, office, and residential buildings. Through intelligent room automation, we achieve substantial energy savings—up to 40%—while optimizing room climates to meet specific client needs and regulatory energy efficiency targets.

Core Services

Automated Lighting Control

Enhance ambiance and productivity with automated adjustments in lighting levels, optimizing energy use and ensuring comfort.

Human-Centric Lighting Integration

Integrate daylight control based on Human Centric Lighting principles to boost concentration and workplace efficiency, aligning with energy-saving objectives.

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AV & Boardroom Solution

AV and Boardroom Solution

Modern organizations require robust, dependable, and adaptable collaboration solutions to connect and engage employees across various locations and devices.

We specialize in audiovisual products and solutions that seamlessly integrate audio, video, display, lighting equipment, and system controls. Our expertise extends to boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, training facilities, places of worship, and more.

Our dedicated team excels in designing tailored solutions to meet specific needs, leveraging Qubic Technology to ensure optimal performance and user experience.

Our Services Include

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Instruments and Automation

Instrumentation and Automation

Our specialization in Instrument Engineering involves seamlessly integrating various instruments with control systems as per P & ID specifications. This includes a diverse array of devices such as Pressure Gauges, Flow Indicators, pH Transmitters, and more, ensuring precise monitoring and control capabilities.

We provide comprehensive Engineering Consultancy services, encompassing the preparation of I/O lists, PLC data sheets, and architectural layouts for PLC systems. Our expertise extends to recommending and supplying instruments like Pressure Switches and Flow Transmitters. Additionally, we excel in executing installations such as Common Control Station setups, PLC installations, and conducting detailed Engineering Drawings for optimal system configurations.

Our Services Include

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