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At Qubic Technology, we specialize in crafting advanced technology solutions that boost operational efficiency and drive business growth. Our tailored approaches ensure robust performance and scalability across industries, empowering organizations to achieve strategic objectives through innovative, personalized services.

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Our Services


Facilitating seamless communication and data exchange between devices and systems to enhance connectivity and operational efficiency.

Security Systems

Deploying advanced technologies and strategies to safeguard assets, individuals, and information against threats and breaches.

Technology Solutions

Providing integrated technologies and platforms to connect and manage Internet of Things devices for improved automation and data insights.

Building Management System

Centrally monitors and controls building services like HVAC, lighting, and security, optimizing energy efficiency and operational performance for commercial and residential buildings.

AV and Boardroom Solution

AV (Audio-Visual) and Boardroom Solutions integrate advanced technology for seamless audio, video, and presentation capabilities in corporate settings, enhancing communication and productivity during meetings and presentations.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting utilizes sensors and automation for energy-efficient and customizable control of brightness, color, and usage, enhancing comfort and sustainability in homes and workplaces.

Instruments and Automation

Precision engineering solutions integrating advanced instrumentation with automated control systems for enhanced efficiency and reliability in industrial applications

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Qubic Technology specializes in connectivity and ICT infrastructure solutions, offering reliable, scalable options tailored to diverse needs. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we prioritize quality assurance across our operations.

Headquartered in Bangalore, with a strong nationwide presence, we serve sectors such as education, government, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, corporate enterprises, mining, and retail. Our focus on affordability, manageability, and customer satisfaction ensures effective and efficient service delivery.

Our Goal is Providing the Best Technology Solutions

At Qubic Technology, we are committed to delivering top-notch networking solutions that cater to diverse business needs, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimized performance across all sectors




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Trusted by Leading Global Tech Companies

With decades of experience in the ELV market, QCS’s top management has strong partnerships with industry leaders across key technology sectors. We deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions for projects and specific needs, ensuring exceptional service and ongoing innovation.

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